Ok. So I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing with the notification that I received a new email. Great! I always like receiving emails!! To my dismay, the email was from American Airlines to the effect of :

Go screw yourself man, we aint giving you nutting.

Instead of me paraphrasing, I’ll just post the entire email here on my blog. And by “All” I mean “all 5 sentences” that they replied to my five page fax and notes.

I invite you to suggest my next step. Note: giving up is not an option.

So here it is:

March 2, 2009

Dear Mr. Israel:

Thank you for contacting us again. The complimentary voucher we sent you (along with
the bonus miles you previously received) was intended to convey goodwill and to
compensate in some way for the inadequate service you reported. I am sorry you are
dissatisfied with the amount. However, we must respectfully decline to extend
additional compensation. We assume no responsibility for your missed commitments or
out-of-pocket expenses. Although I know you question the generosity of our offer, I
hope you understand it represents an amount we believe to be fair and reasonable.


***** *. ******* (Name blanked)
Customer Relations
American Airlines

I love this game...

I love this game...